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Meltdown Game

Join the New International Fitness Game
Season three
Starts June 04, 2018
Changing the attitude toward fitness! Training is not torture
It's a game!
Your participation includes
  • Daily workouts for home or gym
  • Nutritional Program guaranteed to give you results
  • Daily motivation and support
  • Your personal account with many tools
  • Weekly contests and prize giveaways
  • Online chat with other participants
Season Three Prize Fund:
Grand prize winner
Chevrolet Camaro
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
Winners Annonced July 13, 2018
How it works
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Most important bonus
Of your dream
By entering the game, you are giving
yourself the best gift.
You have already won!
Tighten your butt, your stomach will begin to resemble a washboard, and your love handles will go to your unfriendly neighbor!
Energy, endurance, and freedom of movement - all this comes back into your life.
Cost of participation
Participation for one person
Participant +
Participation for one person + 1 immunity
Package for you and your partner. Both of you are in the game
Gather a group of four people and save $100
Full immunity from all relegation. Pay and do what you want. No need to send reports or do assignments
Participant +
Are you with us?
Let's go
real food real results
Take the hassle out of meal prep with professionally-prepared meal plans tailored to your fitness goals, delivered straight to your doorstep
6 meals per day during 4 weeks of competition.
Total of 168 meals Individually packaged to meet your caloric requirements for guaranteed results
Delivery fresh every week
*Cost does not include delivery charges.
Goodbye cooking Order now
It will be difficult, but you can do it!
After all, you are working with:
svoboda, md
Michael Svoboda
Coach, project leader, and creator of the fitness and nutrition program
For your convenience
A personal mobile profile to make the process simple and convenient
Chat with other participants
Receive daily workouts
Easy to use personal profile
Complete and send reports
Register and WIN!
Only you can decide
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This is a chance to change yourself!
About Meltdown Game
  • When does the game start?

    Season Three starts June 04, 2018.

  • Do I need to create a You Tube Channel?

    No, everything is easier. Videos are loaded into a private profile, references are not needed. There will be everything you need to participate.

  • I am an athlete, should I participate?

    Of course, even professional athletes have a personal trainer and nutrition program, but in addition we also have a Personal account where you will be able to track all your progress. Also, do not forget about the prizes!

  • I never participated in sports, will I make it?

    Of course. Your training program will be built taking into account your level of experience.

  • I do not have a Facebook or Instagram account, can I participate?

    Accounts in social media can affect your victory in the final voting, which are open to everyone including your friends. Throughout the game these social networks will have weekly online contests where you can win one of the following prizes: bicycles, hoverboards, smartphones or tablets.

  • Is it possible to participate in the game at full time employment?

    You will have the option to select either gym workouts or home workouts. All workouts given are no longer than 30-45 minutes in duration. You have two options: Get up early and complete the given workout. Get off work, complete the workout, and send the report before midnight through your personal profile. For the majority of participants our format of the game is acceptable, and even during the workday most will find some time to complete a few exercises.

  • What is my personal profile?

    This is your personal account within Meltdown Game which allows you to receive daily assignment, track your progress, and quickly load data for your weekly challenges. Here you will get the job done, report assignments and surround yourself with the support from my helpers!

  • I do not want to lose weight, should I participate?

    Of course! Our program is not only aimed at weight loss but to improve body parameters. Following the program, you will keep your muscles but emphasize muscle tone. Also, in the meantime, you can win a sport car.

  • I am a citizen of another country; can I take part in the project?

    Yes, to participate in the game all you need is to have access to the Internet and this site, regardless of the city or country of residence.

  • Do assignments for men and women differ?

    We welcome gender equality. Therefore, the project involves both men and women !!! The programs for you will not be different.

  • What is the weekly challenge?

    This is a weekly task, the fulfillment of which will determine who will continue in the competition for the prizes. But in any case, you remain in the project and continue to receive the training and nutrition program.

  • Can a participant be expelled from the game?

    Failure to follow simple and clear rules of conduct in the project. Inappropriate behavior in the game (for example, advertising your own products and services to the game participants, insults). Failure to complete the weekly assignment (execution on unspecified terms, the absence of a report, improper maintenance task execution, the weakest result among participants). Clueless. We are very clear and detailed when giving instruction. But there are always participants, for which rules are made to be broken. I hope that this is not about you.

  • Will my recorded video be posted for public viewing?

    Only our project staff has access to the videos. And they have seen so many things that you should not be shy.

  • Do I need to be constantly record my assignments on video?

    It is not necessary to always record all your assignments. This form of reporting is used only 1 time per week for the weekly challenge.

  • Is it possible to combine gym workouts and the competition Meltdown game?

    Of course, if you are an experienced and professional athlete.

Health and Nutrition
  • Will Meltdown Game have a nutrition program?

    Yes. Proper nutrition is 70% of the success, so the program and the menu will be developed for each category. For you, the project site will individually calculate your daily caloric intake (RCI) and provide detailed recommendations for the compilation of the diet based on your recommended caloric intake. Recommended foods (permitted / prohibited), drinking regime, etc. You can be anyone: a vegetarian lacto vegetarian, raw foodists, fruitarian or cannibal. We give you daily requirement of calories, and you observe it yourself.

  • If I have a physical restriction or disability, can I participate in your game?

    The project involves a large amount of physical activity (squats, jumping, running, push-ups, etc.). To see if you can participate, it is necessary to consult a doctor, showing him examples of exercises.

  • What should I do if I do not know how to count calories?

    A "Nutrition" section will be available in your personal account, which will provide instruction on how to track and plan your meals!

  • Can I take part in the game when breastfeeding?

    Yes, you can. Every season we have dozens of participants who are breastfeeding. We can not take into account all the needs of the body of a young mother, so be sure to get your doctor's approval.

  • I'm a vegetarian, will I fit your nutrition program?

    We respect your choices and understand how difficult it is to make the right choices for the vegetarian menu, so we prepared a separate vegetarian nutrition program. Do not forget to put a check in the questionnaire next to "Vegetarian" option.

Prize and voting
  • How will the winner be determined?

    Winners will be determined by public voting. The selection of the final winner is carried out on the basis of selected photos "before / after" from all participants who wish to compete for prizes.

  • Is it possible to exchange the prizes?

    If you win a prize that does not suit you or is not needed, you can attempt to exchange or barter with another winner, but this is without us. You have been together 30 days of hell and should be able to reach a compromise.

  • What is the voting process and how are winners chosen?

    The selection of the winner is carried out on the basis of sent "before / after" photos from all participants who wish to compete for prizes. The first round of finals is held in your personal profile in the system. Voting takes place only between the participants to the game. Only the participants who sent their "after" photos in the correct format within the time provided are eligible to participate in the voting.The second round of voting held on a special site. Anyone can vote (Yes, yes, yes! All your friends, girlfriends, parents, uncles and aunts). I will immediately caution. We do our best to exclude cheaters, surge bots and other tricks. And if you find a new way to "trick" us and attempt to use it, you get the grand prize - BANNED) We know. Final Voting- Where and how it is done - it's a secret. The top 5 finalists will share the top prizes. Do you think this is unfair and biased? Make your game and come up with its own system, and we shall learn.

  • Can I receive the cash value of the prize?


  • How can I pick up my prize?

    Cash prizes will be awarded via bank transfer or check. If you win a breast augmentation, then you will need to come to Seattle, WA to the pre-scheduled date, the most convenient for you and the surgeon's schedule. Cars will be presented in Seattle, WA. If you win a car? You win a car, pal! Do you really not want to come pick up the keys and proudly drive it home? If not, or you will not be able to cross the ocean by car, then we will decide. If you reach the final vote, we can make final arrangements.

Are you still deciding?
If you are doubting whether or not to participate,
My answer is
Better to just spend that money
on a delicious cake and box of doughnuts...
Season three
Starts June 04, 2018